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But before you dive in, I have a Rare opportunity to offer you.

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Depending on which licence options you chose, you already have single or multi-site personal use for Email Exploder segmenting or analytics software. You naturally understand the extreme value and business transformational power of email list segmenting and you now have the tools to automate that for yourself.

Imagine being able to charge to implement that power of others? Businesses are DESPERATE for practical ways to transform their profits and increase conversions and improve client relationships to cement long term buyers and repeat customers. Typically 90% of an established businesses revenue is from REPEAT BUSINESS from Existing clients. In the Internet/Mobile age, Email is the defacto marketing system for achieving this and list segmenting and analytics plugins are an integral part of that. This is the power and knowledge you now have with Email Exploder software suite.


Terms: So long as you have bought at least one of the Email Exploder plugins (and not found this page by accident), you can get “Developer/Flipping” rights on BOTH the WP SEGMENTING MACHINE & WP BIGDATA MACHINE plug-in suite, for a small, ONE TIME, payment.

Similar services are easily sold for $997 per year, but as a Thank You for becoming my new lifetime client I want to reward you for taking action, with this rare opportunity to own developer & flipping rights to the Email Exploder list segmenting software suite. Your real powerhouse to maximise any lists profits.

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NB: This offer is NOT repeated inside the membership area, so this is your only choice to join the smart money team and maximise your profits by sharing your knowledge of list segmenting and the Email Exploder software tools, so Miss this offer and IT IS GONE! If we open up developer rights again, it will be at a much higher price and as a continuity offer.


You’ll get a developer/flipping rights licence on both the WP SEGMENTING MACHINE WordPress plug-in and the WP BIGDATA MACHINE WordPress plug-in, that works with the 3 popular email autorepsonder services of Aweber, GetResponse and MailChimp.

It’s expected that there will be over 10 million WordPress installs by 2017 providing an instant customer base for you. But as a service or setup, you can empower any business, globally, and even earn on-going commissions from referring the autorepsonder platform sign-ups or charging 2~20X for managing accounts on a client’s behalf. And when you manage a business's list, or provider a seminal service to their operation like email or segmenting, they have little choice but to become a loyal client of yours.

All of this becomes feasible, when you go the extra mile and invest in the Developer Rights of Email Exploder.

Click The "Buy Now" Button To Get Your
Developer License For Both Plugins

To your email marketing success,

Miso Mlakic

PS: Shortly we will put the developer rights back to a CONTINUITY offer, where they belong, with a monthly charge for the rights to offer the software on an on-going basis to others as part of a developer relationship , client service, or business flipping  Please note this does NOT include a reseller licence. We have an affiliate system for those wishing to just be resellers or VARs.

PPS: This offer will NOT be repeated inside the membership area. To avoid the higher priced, continuity, alternative, join our Smart Money action takers...


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