Micro Course part 7 – CORALE

So far in this series, we saw how email was an integral part of our daily lives and our business.

We talked about the potential dollar value of every email you send and why it was important to optimise your email campaigns to maximise this.

Then we had some FUN with the subject line split tests (you never did tell me how many you got right?) and more importantly the reasoning behind them and why “cookie cutter” isn’t always the right answer.

Then we looked the difference between “traffic” magnets and email “magnets”.

And then I took you inside the magic copy rabbit, with one small insight in to how relationships are formed, when you can set the audience’s goals and bring out the importance of those and how you can bring them value in delivering those.

What on earth could be next?

People often talk about emails and “giving value” but what does that mean?
Is value sharing with people about YOUR thanksgiving dinner?
Aren’t they more worried about their own thanksgiving dinner?
People worry about “not selling” and giving away free content, by sharing stuff they find “interesting”.
Interesting is hardly the actions of a leader, is it!
A what? A leader!

Because if you set the “expectations” when you create your relationship, your function is to provide value, by leading them to achieve what THEY want to achieve. That is where the value is. When THEY can earn more money, or do what they want to do (play chess, photography, hang gliding, writing a book, or whatever it is).

So that is your role and that is your value. If they know that going in, they can hardly complain when you ask for money to help them achieve it. NOW contrast that with giving away stuff with no value, for no value, of no value, then suddenly asking them for cash for “something else”.

Now you know exactly how that feels, because that’s exactly what the majority of marketers do, to US!

What is the relationship when that expectation is in place?

If we are experienced, we distrust everything as a potential pitch. If we are a newbie we are surprised and shocked. If we are thrifty, or in our research phase, we resent suddenly being asked for money, before we are ready.

So let me give you a more practical example.

If we go the regular “guru” route of;
“7 ways to take better photos of models in 3 days”
what is the subscriber expecting?

Well strangely, exactly that! Nothing more. Nothing less.

Where do all the roads lead? Well nowhere. Thanks. Bye. OH and your advice was rubbish, I’m not David Bailey after 2 full hours – you suck!

It may or not hit a pain point. It may or not be a popular topic. It may or not have instant appeal.
But the promise is all wrong!

It over promises. It isn’t possible. That skill takes more than 3 days and a heck of a lot more than 7 things to achieve it. Even 1 of these things, pick anything; lighting, framing, can take months and months of “experience” and knowledge.

What were either of you thinking?

Let’s try a different promise;
“Try 1 lesson from my 15 part master model photography course, a 30 dollar value, for zero cost. Just tell me where to send your trial access (email).”

Now that isn’t the exact wording, but that is the promise. It needs to be a lot tighter than that, and we need more specifics and more goal setting. But even so.

What are they signing up to now?

Well even this trial has a 30 dollar value.
It’s a trial (not a zero cost gift).
It’s of a commercial course (they can presumably go on to buy).
The reason for giving their email is real.
The promise is stated (model photography).
It’s 1 in 15 parts, so naturally there is more to it than instant results.

YES, naturally less people will sign up to this offer. But those that do will be more committed. Less unsubscribes. More likely to convert. because they know exactly what to expect down the line.

By all means, don’t believe me. But DO split test it, right down to SALES  – not opt-ins, but actual SALES.

Naturally all this should be part of a sequence and that’s we discuss more inside the Email Exploder course, I gave you the early bird link to yesterday. It’s still open today if you didn’t.

If you frame the email like we framed this very 7 part micro course, instead of a one shot access or download, then you have multiple times to email them and get them used to your emails and clicking your links.

OH didn’t you know that had happened to you either?
That darned magic rabbit!

For more rabbit tricks, take a look at my Email Exploder case study below.


I hope you’ve valued our time together as much as I have, so I will send you the occasional email update with anything astounding.

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