Micro Course part 1 – The X Factor

Here’s what you need to take away from today. On “average” an email could be worth 20 dollars EACH, for every email you send. Sure it depends on 101 things, like your business, price points, list quality and so on. But as a sample figure, taken from a real business that uses email, 20 dollars per email sent, is a real example.

So the bug question is, if every email you sent was worth 20 dollar s a piece to you, or even 1 dollar, are you doing EVERYTHING YOU CAN to make sure that your email marketing is performing?

YES or NO?

Either way, this micro course was designed FOR YOU !

Email is fundamental to the way nearly all businesses work. It’s the most widespread way we all stay in touch. Social Media may be great but it doesn’t have the direct feel of an email. Also social media often has a PULL delivery – in other words you get Facebook PMs and Twitter Tweets when you “log-in” and check the site. Sure some people have status updates sent to their phone (or emails), but then it’s amongst a sea of hundreds of status updates.

Meanwhile, people are used to their emails pulling in frequently on auto pilot. Most people are glued to the “you’ve got mail” icon of their inbox. “Smart” people might use the 4 hour workweek approach of TIm Ferris and queue their emails to check only twice per day, but when they do, they are engaged in reading what matters, because email is at the heart of how we communicate. It also how we get a lot of the things we pay for. Like digital product delivery, physical delivery notifications, support emails, special offers and new product announcements and all important usage tips.

If you have any sort of “job”, and that includes being an affiliate or own product owner, emails are also how we hear of sales and payments, customer support and form our JV partners and advertising campaigns. It’s almost impossible to line without emails! Twitter and Facebook I can go weeks without checking once. Emails I have running like a pacemaker.

When an email arrives, particularly if it’s from someone we know, or about something we are deeply interested in, then we open it immediately. It’s the modern equivalent of the phone ringing. You didn’t buy a (house) phone and just let it ring.

As a potential master affiliate or product owner or business/service owner, you stand to make money every single time you send out an email. Each email you send “On average” could be worth 20 cents to 20 dollars EACH to you, or more! It’s THAT important to us!

But as you know, there’s a HUGE problem with email. As it is so important, EVERYBODY AND THEIR CAT uses email. Endless messages we don’t want, from people we don’t know, about stuff we don’t care about. Plus endless notifications about stuff that means next to nothing.

So we ALL face the same major problem. How do we filter our email inboxes so we get to see the important stuff, first or only? Who decides that? If you run a GOOGLE GMAIL account, you may well be annoyed by how they try to micromanage your life. How they group conversations so you miss stuff, how they tab threads so you miss stuff, how they trash emails you really needed (like domain and hosting renewals – I’ve personally lost businesses over that one). Heck they can even block your emails to yourself for your must do reminders…

Obviously I’m no great fan of Google, but that’s not the point. It’s just an example. No matter what ISP or email provider you use, they all have their own issues. If you manage it yourself, you may get a ton of emails you really should never get. There is no perfect solution.

So this problem is the same for everyone. But if your business relies on people getting and reading your emails, then we have a real problem here, that can put you “out of business”, overnight. What can we do about it?

And that’s why this micro course is SO important to your future business!

Stay tuned for the next email in this course, as we tackle the real-world issues of doing business via email.

If each email is worth 20 dollars each to you, on average, we need to make sure our email marketing is running in top form!


That would be all from this part.
Miso from Email Exploder