Micro Course part 2 – Say What?

In this part, we’re going to have a little FUN and run a SPLIT TEST on three email campaigns and see which ones performed best. Cool right? Can you guess the winners?

One of the most frequent questions I get asked about email marketing is about the content;

What to send?
How often?
How to say it?
How to keep engagement up?
How to keep people loyal and reading?
How to get good open rates?
What subject lines to use?
Should I use images or not?
Can I include HTML styling or not?
How long or short should an email be?
and so on…

They’re all good questions. But we don’t want to wait 6 months to go through them all and just say “no” to.

There are 101 “ideas” out there with different cookie cutter plans. Writing stories, being personal, pre-selling and framing, using NLP language. The number of different and conflicting ideas is mind numbing.
So where do you start?

Many people think that you start with the subject line. Most people believe that the subject line is a major part of getting your emails read. But there always seems to be a conflict here.

Factual email subjects tend to get opened less.
Conversely vague subject lines can really annoy people.
What is the correct balance, or mix, or alternate strategy?

Let’s have some fun!

There are companies out there who do nothing but test emails. Here’s a couple of the split tests they ran. Can you guess which ones performed best?

SPLIT TEST 1: Travel Industry:
A: Time is almost up. Click below by 30th for your chance to own an iPad
B: Are we still welcome in your inbox? iPad prize for grabs until 30th November.
C: Are we still welcome in your inbox? Please reply by 30th November

Which performed best and worst and why? Subject line A, B or C?

SPLIT TEST 2: Webinars & video platform:
A: Live tomorrow: Next Generation Desktop Summit
B: Live today: Next Generation Desktop Summit

One word seems like such a small change right? Which performed best and worst and why? Subject line A or B?
And which one generated more “sales” ? The answer is quite fascinating….

SPLIT TEST 3: Insurance Agency:
A: $20 Million Dollar Homes Burned To The Ground
B: Protect Your Home from Wild Fires – Brush Fire Season is Coming

Which performed best and worst and why? Subject line A or B?

I know I said 3, but this 4th split test was too much FUN;

SPLIT TEST 4: Internet Marketer:
A: 1 simple secret to skyrocket the quality of everything you do
B: How I ‘hack’ excellence with 1 simple trick

Which performed best and worst and why? Subject line A or B?
And which “sold” more?

(** Split tests as reported from the Email Insider Summit 2014)

In the next part, I’ll reveal the answers to which email subject lines performed best in this test, plus the 4 hidden factors that shaped these particular results

That is it for today,
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About the author:

Tim Watson is an email marketing consultant who has over 12 years of specialist Email Marketing experience working with blue chip brands mainly in the US and UK.

In addition to strategic email consulting services, Tim is an email marketing trainer and frequently speaks at industry events. He’s an active blogger not just reporting the trends but providing thought leadership on the opportunities and challenges in the industry. As well as posts here he’s a regular contributor to the DMA Email Council and Smart Insights blogs, as well as a guest blogger for other marketing focused sites.

He is an elected member of the UK DMA Email Council, supporting the email marketing industry and Chairs the Legal and Best Practice hub of the Email Council, authoring and reviewing DMA whitepapers and best practice documentation.

Source: http://www.zettasphere.com/results-of-9-subject-line-ab-split-tests/