Micro Course part 5 – BUTTERFLY to Lama

So in the last part, I left you with the 3 problems that roadblock your email empire and mean that “traffic” magnets are not enough.

In today’s part, let’s try to solve that problem.

So how do we create an “email” magnet (versus a “traffic” magnet) and change this modality from sounbdite consumption, to a relationship?

Any ideas?

What I’m about to tell you is one of my most valued and precious secrets, so I hope you treat it with the reverence it deserves…

You may need to read this more than once to make sure the difference is clear in your mind.

The traffic magnet is “topic” based. With a topic, people have an immediate need. A single curiosity. A solvable pain point or pleasure. So if I want to know the cooking time for my Thanks Giving Turkey, then I find it – solved.

It’s pretty similar even if I am looking for recipes of what to do with left over thanks giving turkey.

It’s even similar if I want to go on a diet, or eat more healthily.

So when do I reach for the “book”, instead of a magazine article?
When does this relationship with the information provider, start to matter?

Because this is at the very heart of every email message and your list building empire.

I’m going to leave you to brainstorm a list of ideas until our next part. You may come up with a dozen things I haven’t thought of, which are much better.

See if you can!


Miso from Email Exploder