Micro Course part 4 – Email Magnets

In this part, we’re looking at email magnets. Now do I mean “traffic” magnets or do I mean “email” magnets and what’s the difference? Well that’s a curious thing, isn’t it… But there’s a world of difference!

A traffic magnet, sometimes called “link bait” or a “hook article” is designed to attract people looking for a particular “topic”. They may have searched to find it. Or they may have reached it through a referral link in syndicated content or a social post. Or even off one of your own channel backlinks.

We’re not here to talk about organic traffic and conversion today.
But if what needs to be in place, is in place, then that “content” will do whatever it is supposed to do (branding, interaction, viral sharing, buying, to show ads, to entice subscription, etc.).

But there are 3 issues here from an email and list building perspective.
Do you know what all three are?

The first one is the “modality” of the user.

1) The user is in research mode and looking for an instant fix. They’re looking for a magazine article (but probably with the attention span of a snippet or soundbite) and secretly you want to immediately sell them a lifetime subscription to the 20 book series of Encyclopedia Britannica, updated every year. Or at least, that’s what it would feel like, to them.

So we need a “transition” from sound bite, to mentor, What is it and how do we do it?

2a) Other issues might be that the user is not pro-active about this topic. It may be a fleeting need, or one easily satisfied.
i.e. What’s the recipe for toast? It’s a 400 word recipe card. It’s isn’t a subscription to a cooking channel, with DVDs and personal home parties. Once they can cook toast, they are happy and they are gone. Basically they are not expecting, or requiring, any more.

2b) In a similar vein, they have already “consumed” what they needed immediately. In order to offer great value and cause the most stickiness, you probably over delivered on the content and gave them more than they needed. If you do have more (related) content then you probably conveniently link to it directly, without any commitment at all. But they won’t even bookmark you to return, because they’ll consume what they need, then forget you. Let’s hope those side ads performed better than industry standard, right!

3) But the big elephant in the room, is that there is “no relationship” between the reader and plain “content”.
It solves an immediate need. It is consumed and “you“ did not matter! Why would anyone “subscribe” to that?
To get 10% off – 10% off what? Do I even want it?
To get 20 blahs? Do I know what a blah is? Do I care? Do I want yours? Do I trust you or your blahs when you want my email? I mean, all I did was consume one soundbite and now you think you are the Gordon Ramsay of Toast, and I don’t subscribe to him, either!

So somewhere there needs to be a transition from a “traffic” magnet, to an “email” magnet.
A state where I want to hear from you on a REGULAR basis.

What the heck can that be?

More in the next lesson.
It may take me a few days to put together, so please watch your inbox.

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All the best,
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