Micro Course part 6 – HOOK line and sinker

In case you missed it, I just took the rabbit out of the magicians hat and showed you that he was up my sleeve all the time. (Yeah my magic skills aren’t as good as my email copy)

It started in part 5 and I followed through in part 6. See it yet?

From the surface it looks like I just used curiosity and scarcity to hook the reader (you).

I posed a BIG question…

So when do I reach for the “book”, instead of a magazine article?
When does this relationship with the information provider, start to matter?

By posing that question, I didn’t just create curiosity, I simultaneously made it “IMPORTANT”.
Obviously it is important that you “matter” to your audience! The goal past was set.

It suddenly “mattered” because naturally working back in your mind, that promise was important to your future emailing empire and suddenly it existed, but was out of reach. Then I asked you to struggle! To struggle and come up with it on your own.

Subconsciously or consciously, you would have tired to come up with things. Some of them were most likely GREAT. Probably even better than mine. But even if you came up with my exact version, you still didn’t know, because you still don’t know what my version was.

Now finding that answer. MY answer, occupies your mind.

Once I occupy your mind, I win. Because now you are waiting for my email. My next part!

And ow irrational and illogical thoughts are clouding your mind.
Without “my” answer, you can’t possibly ever have a great email empire.

“Heck!” what is this magic power I am “missing”?
Do you see what happened now?

Then at some stage I strengthened the argument and rubbed it in.

Because this is at the very heart of every email message and your list building empire.

“Heck! What is it?”

Then I gave you the challenge, to make sure you thought about it on your own. Actually, think about me, some more 😉

But this isn’t just curiosity or intrigue. This is the “loss” that is holding up your entire email empire! How? Because I set the importance level of the goal, without even asking you. You didn’t even know that happened. Did you?

I’m going to leave you to brainstorm a list of ideas until our next lesson. You may come up with a dozen things I haven’t thought of, which are much better.

What makes the “relationship” with you, suddenly become important.

One other important mechanism was in here. I asked you to share your ideas because they may be better than mine. ANother challenge. A good reason. A request to interact. NOW we are potentially having a conversation. Even if we don’t “speak” (or message) we are now at an interactive level. I ask. You think. I ask you to share. I don’t really care if you do or not. Well I do care! But it isn’t a necessary part of our relationship starting.

The key thing is that our STATUS is set. “I ask – you think”. I ask you to share, you feel engaged.

Again the irrational and illogical thing has happened. What I say, suddenly matters! How the heck did that happen? You don’t even know me – lol…

Please share what you came up with, just hit reply and let me know what your brainstorm session uncovered and in return I’ll share you my ideas in the link below. Deal?

Whatever you think by now, probably a little shell shocked and manipulated, that’s only because I took the rabbit out of th ehat and showed you the sleeve it came from (YEAH I really do suck at magic tricks).

Normally you’d NEVER reveal how the trick is done. But when you are teaching “magic” (the magic of email relationships) then what choice did I have?

So apologies if you feel manipulated or brainwashed, but I did it with the purest of intentions at heart.

To empower YOU to give VALUE to your audience.

Naturally there is a COMPULSORY “never use this for evil or selfish gain” karma caveat in here.

If you ever manipulate people deliberately against their own benefit, you will be hunted down and have your skin peeled from your entire body! Graphic enough? Don’t be a douche! Hell is eternal! There is no $200 get out of jail, repentance card, if you misuse what I am sharing with you now.

WHATEVER the heck just happened, you can see we have come MILES from soundbite content, to building an email relationship.

It’s pretty hard to not know that our time together is really worth something. Right?

And that is the rabbit up the sleeve!

Now I have one more day of PURE content coming for you in a few days. And it won’t disappoint you, so make sure you look out for it, whatever else is going on, or whatever I ask for you in return.

The bottomline is that this was only a 7 part MICRO course.

Imagine how much more other stuff there must be, of even greater value?

That’s true, but I am NOT offering you that either! You just can’t buy that.

What I am doing is I am opening my EMAIL EXPLODER training program.

It’s another short program. I try to get to the point as fast as i can, so long as it sticks in your head.

Email Exploder is my case study, of how I 10X the value in my email lists.

And let me share something that I should not tell you right now. But I know you are an experienced marketer, so let me tell you.

There is more than one OTO behind Email Exploder. YES I KNOW it is shocking, right 😉
OTO 1 is the secret sauce behind my case study. And OTO 2 is the automated software tool I use to achieve it, daily.

You will get this discount coupon when you sign up at the early bird list.

If you don’t sign up to the early bird list, you will not get the early bird coupon. It’s that simple. I have to reward those who have joined the early bird list. I can’t just give it to everyone

You can go sign up now – it’s OK…


That would be all from me for now,
Miso from Email Exploder